Common Symptoms of Hepatitis C


Hepatitis C is a complex and, if left untreated, dangerous bloodborne virus. About 150 million people around the world suffer from hepatitis chepatitis C. However, hepatitis C is a treatable disease. This makes knowing the common signs and symptoms of hepatitis C important in catching the condition before it does significant damage to the liver. Learn more about hepatitis C with your Dr. Jonathan Jensen, at Gastro MD in Longmont, CO.

What is hepatitis C? 
Hepatitis C is a virus which results in a disease which affects the liver. The disease is bloodborne and transferred by coming into contact with the blood of someone who has hepatitis C. Leaving hepatitis C untreated can result in serious conditions like cirrhosis of the liver or cancer. This disease often goes unnoticed until problems like liver damage surface. Luckily, hepatitis C is treatable and those living with the condition can lead fulfilling and normal lives with the help of various treatments and medications.

Signs and Symptoms of Hepatitis C 
Some people who have been infected with hepatitis C do not show any symptoms. However, common symptoms which do present themselves are:

  • fatigue
  • stomach pain
  • sore joints
  • sore muscles
  • itchy skin
  • jaundice
  • dark urine

If you develop other conditions like cirrhosis of the liver, you may experience other symptoms, like swelling of the hands and feet, redness caused from blood vessels on the skin, confusion or memory problems. If you begin vomiting blood or having hallucinations, you should call 911 immediately. Schedule an appointment with your doctor if you think you have contracted hepatitis C, have symptoms of hepatitis C or are at risk for hepatitis C, such as if you use IV drugs.

Hepatitis C Treatment in Longmont, CO
Hepatitis C can be acute, lasting only a short while, or chronic, lasting a long while. Treatments for acute hepatitis C include antiviral medications to decrease the risk of developing long-term hepatitis C. Chronic hepatitis C treatments include antiviral medications and taking preventative measures to monitor your liver’s health and prevent further problems. Your doctor can help you determine if medication is your best course of treatment.

If you think you may have contracted hepatitis C, it is very important to be seen by your doctor as soon as possible. For more information on hepatitis C, please contact Dr. Jensen at Gastro MD in Longmont, CO. Call (303) 776-6115 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Jensen today.

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